How the Pentagon and the CIA write Hollywood scripts: an interview with Tom Secker

Here is a link to my recent interview with Tom Secker.

I talk to Tom Secker about his book National Security Cinema, co-written with Matthew Alford. Using the US Freedom of Information Act, and journalistic and academic sources, as well as analysis of script changes, Tom and Matthew have greatly increased our knowledge of the US Department of Defense’s and the CIA’s use of hardware and expertise as an enticement to film producers and directors to remove elements of their scripts critical of or simply inconvenient for the defence and intelligence establishments; affecting, to that extent, how cinema-goers see the world.

Show notes:

The book under discussion, National Security Cinema: Amazon UK / Amazon USA

US Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office / US Marine Corps Entertainment Liaison Office / CIA Entertainment Liaison Office

Tom Secker’s website on intelligence agencies and popular culture:

His podcast ClandesTime:

Chase Brandon’s website, CIA ELO, 1996-2007.

Rules of Engagement Wikipedia page.

Transformers Wikipedia page.

Argo Wikipedia page.


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