About Rory O’Connor

I am Rory O’Connor, a journalist living in Ireland. I’ve been published in The Herald, Dublin Inquirer, and the Irish Times.


Primarily, I produce and present The Rory O’Connor Podcast, which often takes the form of in-depth interviews about international politics with experts in various fields.

Apart from journalism, I offer a 100% reliable and efficient copy-writing and copy-editing service. Past and ongoing projects include editing blogs for HuffPost and material to promote a major academic conference, and writing attractive, readily understandable copy for use at the world’s largest property show.

I am considered an authority in the work of the English writer Owen Barfield, and have served as an editor of his articles on the website of the Owen Barfield Literary Estate.

I can be contacted at roconnor1985 at gmail etc or by telephone at +353 87 695 2523. My twitter handle, used to link to my journalism, is @roconnorstuff.

Thanks for reading.